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Kristian is the new owner, and will take over from 02/04/2024. Meet Kristian in the music store in Svendborg


Fine crossover jazz from Scandinavia

Cars on Water is a Scandinavian band that produces pop music on the island of Thurø in southern Denmark. Cars On Water is named after the cars on the dam to Thurø, where the music is produced in the beautiful nature around the island studio. Cars On Water are: Sinnet Sofie & Kristian Lassen.

Un Poco Stereophony is a musical work created by the musician Kristian K. Lassen under the project name THE SONIC FLOW, which in all its simplicity is about creating and playing the music that we really love. The goal is for the music to reach music fans who also like playful crossover funk, pop & jazz, which has been created solely with consideration for creative urges and the joy of playing music. TSF are: Steffen Schackinger (GUIT/CELLO), Hans Mydtskov (SAX), Adam Winberg (DRUMS), Sidsel Marie Søholm (VOCAL) and Kristian K. Lassen (BASS/VOCAL/KEYS)

Do you want the music used in films, TV or commercials?

Please contact Lassen Records ApS for a non-binding offer

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