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Kristian Kløvedal Lassen's final master's degree in creative music education was composed of several parts: a study portfolio, a project portfolio and an approx. 45-minute transart session with 4 MGK students.


The project portfolio presents a thorough description of a major course at Ollerup six months before the exam - including theoretical perspectives and reflections. The style is clear and gives an unambiguous impression of good writing craftsmanship.


The practical exam concentrated on creative initiation based on recent paintings. The course was carried out in a good social and professional atmosphere that neither forced nor ran dry.

It was a well-defined leadership role that, on the one hand, maintained the overview and progression, and on the other hand established a close contact, a creative work climate and a good dialogue. The young people were put at the center in a good balance between recognition and demands and between process and result - pedagogical seduction in the very best sense of the word.


The good final evaluation showed that the young people had gained a new and enriching approach to composition processes. The course had moved them - and what more do you want as a creative entrepreneur?

Danish National Academy Of Music (SDMK)


Adult teacher (VUU) from Center For Adult Education - Skårup Seminarium, 2000

Primary school teacher from Univercity College Lillebælt (UCL), 2008

Master in creative music communication from Danish National Academy Of Music  (SDMK), 2020

"Music has always been my great passion. It is a great privilege to be able to share this joy of music with others who love music too" - Kristian Kløvedal Lassen, Founder of LMA

Do you love music too?  


I would like to warmly welcome you to my world of music! I am a master in creative music education from the Danish National Academy Of Music (SDMK), and on this page, you can listen to my music, get inspiration for your own music, and read about my courses and lectures. My work can thus be divided into these four main categories:

1. THE SONIC FLOW is a project that I am very proud of. I only make music that I think is exciting, and I have some of the country's best musicians on the team around TSF.

CARS ON WATER is a new project where I investigate how to give pop music new expressions.

2. Free podcast with music talks and interviews with exciting musicians.

3. BassTalk - free blog about bass playing.

4. Teaching, courses, and lectures


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