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The course challenges the participants to create new music based on inspiration from the world of visual art. This process is called transart. One transforms, so to speak, one art form into another art form. The course includes a museum visit, a weekend workshop and a final concert (performed by the course participants). The course is aimed at after-school centers, high schools and music teachers who would like to try this approach to creative processes in connection with the creation of new music. The course is led by Kristian Kløvedal Lassen, who has a master's degree in creative music education from SDMK. Kristian has just written a master's project on transart at The Danish National Academy Of Music. It is an advantage that the participants can play an instrument and/or sing. It is possible to shorten or extend the course, in which case the price can be adjusted according to the desired duration of the course. Maximum number of participants: 40 people. An assistant teacher can be attached at extra cost if the number of participants is higher.

Price for one museum tour and 2 days workshop incl. video recording of the concert:

Please get in touch for details concerning price:

TEL: 24 67 81 24


COURS - MAKE YOUR OWN SOUND COLLAGE (for pre-school and middle school students)

During the course, we record funny sounds, voices and instruments on the computer, and mix an audio collage out of all the recorded parts. In the course you will get a sense of how to use a computer in modern sound production.

The course is aimed at pre-school and middle school students in primary and lower secondary schools. The course requires no prior knowledge of the students and has a duration of 2 hours. The course requires the participation of a teacher or an educator who knows the participating student group (this is agreed in advance with Kristian Kløvedal Lassen). Maximum number of participants: One class (approx. 25-30 students).

Please get in touch for details concerning price:  

TEL: 24 67 81 24


(for everybody - about stimulating creative processes)

Why do we have to deal with creativity at all? Is the ability to think creatively crucial to the evolution and survival of mankind, and to evolution in general? If so, how do we stimulate creativity in future generations? Based on a master's project carried out at the Danish National Music Academy, combined with literature that discusses this very topic, Kristian Kløvedal Lassen takes the audience on an exciting review of the potential of creative thinking. The lecture is based on observations made in connection with music didactics, but the topic itself: the question of how we stimulate creativity, can be transferred to a large number of other subjects. The lecture is aimed at schools, educational institutions, public institutions and private businesses. The lecture has a duration of 1.5 hours, including subsequent opportunity to ask questions.

Please get in touch for details concerning price:

TEL: 24 67 81 24



 - Thurø/Danmark Kristian K Lassen (master i musik) Musikundervisning

                                                               Tel: +45 24 67 81 24

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