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Kristian K Lassen: Bass Quiz (DK)

Updated: Jan 14

BassTalk 29.12.2020: I have always felt that it was important to add a little extra vitality to a teaching situation, and it has therefore been some extra fun for me to bring the bass, my main instrument into play every time I have seen an opportunity for it. I actually started my career as a music educator in the now defunct Højby Beboerskole as a bass teacher and a band doctor. The job interview was quite short: Do you read music? Yes, I answered and since then I have worked as a teacher in many different contexts. One of the first things I noticed as a teacher was the fact that you have to develop an ability to analyze your own game in order to pass it on to others. It was a big eye opener for me back then. I have always loved teaching bass students because I share the students' passion for the instrument and the music in general. At the moment I am teaching a few students at Langelands Efterskole and it's just a lot of fun to be back in the role where it all started back in the early 1990s. Recently, I even did a bass quiz as a kind of fun happening for the students at Langelands Efterskole.

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