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The Bass Gallery (UK) - Bass Heaven

Updated: Jan 14

BassTalk 22.07.2022: Tucked away in a corner of the London neighborhood of Camden Town, there is perhaps the city's largest bass collection. And the best part is that they are all for sale. However, I had decided that I don't need more basses, but as you know, you always have to look. When we first found the shop it looked like it was closed, but it turned out that it is always locked because of the many expensive instruments. However, a kind soul helped us into bass heaven. When we visited The Bass Gallery in London, in addition to a nice chat with the staff and Mo Foster himself (see other BassTalk for more details), I also had the opportunity to play this wonderful green Jazz Bass from 1988. Owned by the bassist from Status Quo.

For more information please check out: THE BASS GALLERY 

All the best Kris

Foto: Jette Hagen Hansen.

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