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Hansen Guitars - Tech support

Updated: Jan 14

BassTalk - 19.03.2017: Hey guys! I'm back with some bass talk! As I mentioned in the previous bass talk, I'm getting ready to track some bass for the upcoming album with The Sonic Flow. I'm quite fond of the recording settings that I talked about in the previous bass talk. The first idea that I'm trying out for the new album is a slap bass thing, for that I would like to record with my Sandberg California TT4 '08 (Hardcore Aged Fiasta Red) in order to get that punchy deep end and the clarity treble from the build in pre-amp. Unfortunately I was having some trouble with the electronics of the bass. So I called the guys at Hansen Guitars. These guys just know how to set up your instrument. Heres a couple of photos showing the talented technician Claus Holm Jensen working on my bass. Just got it back and it sounds awesome!

For more information please check out: Hansen Guitars

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